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About Mary

Mary has an MA in Educational Psychology, is a career educator, workshop developer and author of "Way of The SAGE: 4 Paths to Manage Stress and Build Resilience." Mary is a certified Wellcoaches holistic wellness coach, with additional trainings and credentials. Find out more about Mary.

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Mary's Book

Way of The SAGE: 4 Paths to Manage Stress and Build Resilience | Buy Now!

This beautiful volume of teachings, poetry and sculpture conveys ancient and modern truths about living deeply satisfying lives. Do you regularly face challenges that require resilience and strength to manage wisely? Do you often wish you could control the stress of your life? Do you long to feel the inner peace of knowing that your life is meaningful and blessed? Way of the SAGE provides peaceful theories, examples, and practical exercises to manage your personal wisdom and nurture the strength of your own soul. The four SAGE paths enable you to choose which approach is most needed in the moment: paths of spirituality, authenticity, gratitude and enjoyment. Each path leads to transformational awareness of ways to enhance the strength of your own holistic nature. Original poetry by Mary enhances the prose, with artful interpretations of each pathway through bronze sculptures designed by Mary's husband and collaborator, Hans Peter Jorgensen. This book will enable you to

  • Feel motivated to meet each day’s challenges
  • Build on the natural strengths you already nave
  • Explore paths to realizing your dreams
  • Develop your own preferred way to reduce tension and increase contentment with your life.

The task of holistic healing is a practice that leads to a wide and deep commitment to live fully in light of wisdom and compassion. Mary offers her work as a blessing of her own journey and also to those who walk the path with her.

Way of the Sage: 4 Paths to Manage Stress And Build Resilience by Mary Jorgensen

"Profound, but simple and useful. The author has obviously experienced and, more importantly, managed stress in her own life... and has interwoven that life experience with her extensive study in a highly readable guide to a better life. Kudos!" - Reader Testimonial