Author: mary

What is Naka Naka?

Do you know what “naka naka” means? Shoken Winecoff, the Abbott at Ryumonji Zen Monastery, explains it: Naka naka is the Japanese term for “being with what is.” Somehow, the expression seems different from our usual “it is what it is,” which implies that I have to accept it, and I’m powerless in the face … [Read More]

Valentine Love from SAGE

The Way of the SAGE is big on love!  It is not only “what makes the world go ‘round” but also the motivating dynamic by which our worlds become better and more alive.  The SAGE dynamics can all be enhanced by love: Spirituality, Authenticity, Gratitude and Enjoyment, each one gives us a huge heart hug … [Read More]

“I Got Everything I Wanted”

“I Got Everything I Wanted” In Mexico, January 6th is recognized as “Three Kings Day,” and it’s observed by having kids make lists of wishes and wants, presenting them to the costumed Kings.  Then The Kings deliver the goods and some of the wishes are fulfilled.  I recently heard a client reflecting back on Christmas … [Read More]

The WIN Plan to Beat the Blues

Feeling blue? Life got you down? You can choose to make your day! Try this simple plan and see what happens. It’s free, and you have nothing to lose! If you’re thinking “this will never work for me,” you’re wrong. There’s help! Email or call me and I”ll help you get started! 563-382-4558. W is … [Read More]

To Be a Blessing

I’ve been wondering about the role of blessing in my life, and how that impacts others. Being one? Having one? Giving one? Is it maybe one of my purposes, to be a blessing to someone else? I think of a blessing as some kind of metaphysical, abstract gift to give or receive. Somehow it feels … [Read More]

Innies and Outies

Remember when as kids we’d check each other’s belly buttons for innies and outies? Great for a laugh at the time, now seems a bit weird? As adults, we’re still innies and outies, but in another way. While all of us are looking for happiness, contentment, success, and no stress, some of us are looking … [Read More]

Spring Renewal

It’s spring, the long-awaited uptick in daylight, greening of the earth, flowering of the fruits, and opening ourselves to new life.  It’s time for your resurrection, time for you to emerge from the tomb of winter, and let your life swing into its intended purpose:  To love, to live abundantly, to create the life you … [Read More]

Back on Track in 2012 – Part 4

Do you ever feel like you’re at the limit of your ability to cope?  To handle what life has thrown at you?  We have lots of ways of expressing this feeling, and most of us are familiar with it: “I’m about to lose my mind.”  “I’m at my wit’s end.” “I don’t know what I’m … [Read More]

Back on Track in 2012 – Part 3

Now that you’ve integrated steps 1 and 2 into your daily awareness, it’s time to consider step 3:  Get Physical!!  In step one, you determined to take charge of your life as the CEO, the one in charge, the decider.  Step two invited you to consider your purpose, what you live for, what gets you … [Read More]

Back on Track in 2012 – Part 2

Once you’ve practiced the concept of being the CEO of your life (Back On Track in 2012 Part #1), you’ll get really pumped up by focusing on your PURPOSE! This becomes the reason that you get up in the morning, even if just for today. Though you can always change your purpose, there’s a lot … [Read More]