Back on Track in 2012 – Part 1

The New Year often prompts optimistic thoughts and commitments to make the year even better than the last. Yet, on New Year’s Eve, we sometimes regret the ways we intended to grow, but failed to. I recommend four simple (not easy!) ways to get started with a flourish, and keep the momentum going long past your final rendition of Auld Lang Syne and the champagne toast. You can start today, and realize results right away. Contact me if you’d like some support along the way. As you know, when we decide to challenge ourselves to kick up to a new level, we often need a coach. I’d love to be on your team! Here’s how to take the first step in the BACK ON TRACK program:

Remind yourself that YOU are the CEO of your life! No one else can be you, or be in charge of you without your permission. So, now’s the time to determine how to be your own boss. Start to notice ways that you yourself create your life, who you are, what you make of your life, whether or not you show up for the game. The decisions you make moment-by-moment count for something, so now’s the time to determine that you’re in charge of those. How do we do that??? By the way we think about ourselves, primarily. If you think you’re a loser and that you’ll always be on the short end of things, guess what? You actually will disappoint yourself and others every time. The way we talk about ourselves matters too. What we say often materializes into something, either for growing, or for shrinking into a downward spiral. What you say about yourself and tell yourself can create enormous positive energy. So, how about affirming who you are, instead of criticizing and downing yourself? Tell yourself how capable, attractive, and powerful you are. Every time you have a critical thought about yourself, try turning that around in your mind. “I’m such a wimp” can become “Wow, look how strong I am”! Once you start affirming your strengths, you’ll gain even more, and the path to success and happiness just keeps getting easier. Happy New Year!