Back on Track in 2012 – Part 2

Once you’ve practiced the concept of being the CEO of your life (Back On Track in 2012 Part #1), you’ll get really pumped up by focusing on your PURPOSE!

This becomes the reason that you get up in the morning, even if just for today. Though you can always change your purpose, there’s a lot of strength-building from determining a longer-range intention–maybe one that takes you a few months into the year. This means it’s time to get busy and learn about yourself. Taking the MBTI can give you lots of insights about who you really are, and why you do what you do. (AND I’m certified to administer and interpret a cool online version that’s lots of fun.) Doing a values exercise helps clarify what underlying principles drive your purpose and gives power to your plans. It’s time to write an answer to this key question: Why Am I Here? Make a clear statement that’s concise enough to display around you as a bumper sticker, poster, sticky-note, etc. This is your motto, your mission, your raison d’etre. Saying this motto can become a mantra, a magnet for energy and inspiration. You’ll be amazed at the change in you as you establish certainty and power. You’ll find yourself exploring your mission, the action steps to implement it, and the empowerment to carry it out. New energy and optimism will come to you, as you accomplish even the smallest step toward realizing your purpose. Doors of opportunity will open, when you announce to yourself what you’re doing. Soon others will see, and begin to notice the certainty and confidence you’re revealing–as if you have “diamonds on the soles of your shoes”! (See Paul Simon song, “Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes.”) Consider how your walk, your style, your mood and expression would change if you actually wore a valuable secret diamond! Try imagining that and notice your purposeful self taking charge! The real diamond is the one inside you, the powerful, attractive, capable person just longing to be put to work.