Back on Track in 2012 – Part 3

Now that you’ve integrated steps 1 and 2 into your daily awareness, it’s time to consider step 3:  Get Physical!!  In step one, you determined to take charge of your life as the CEO, the one in charge, the decider.  Step two invited you to consider your purpose, what you live for, what gets you out of bed in the morning.  Even if this changes day by day, that’s fine; but you need that sense of focus pretty much all the time to stay motivated, avoid distractions, and to know the difference.

Now, you need to incorporate your body into dedicated, purposeful movement.  Numerous authorities support the idea of moving for mental health, as well as physical.  In fact a recent study among psychiatrists showed that many believe that purposeful walking is as beneficial as medications for certain depressions!  (Not suggesting here that you stop taking your meds! But if you’re taking meds, you may supplement the benefits on your own with walking and/or regular workouts.)

Movement can be free!  You can do it in a group, or alone!  The point is DO IT! and commit to a regular experience.  If you’re feeling down, unproductive, dealing with a lot of worry or anxiety, get up and go!  Be physically active, and solutions you couldn’t have accessed before will show up, and you’ll feel energized to tackle the usual stuff that gets in your way.  Happy Moving in 2012!