Back on Track in 2012

Back on Track in 2012 – Part 4

Do you ever feel like you’re at the limit of your ability to cope?  To handle what life has thrown at you?  We have lots of ways of expressing this feeling, and most of us are familiar with it: “I’m about to lose my mind.”  “I’m at my wit’s end.” “I don’t know what I’m … [Read More]

Back on Track in 2012 – Part 3

Now that you’ve integrated steps 1 and 2 into your daily awareness, it’s time to consider step 3:  Get Physical!!  In step one, you determined to take charge of your life as the CEO, the one in charge, the decider.  Step two invited you to consider your purpose, what you live for, what gets you … [Read More]

Back on Track in 2012 – Part 2

Once you’ve practiced the concept of being the CEO of your life (Back On Track in 2012 Part #1), you’ll get really pumped up by focusing on your PURPOSE! This becomes the reason that you get up in the morning, even if just for today. Though you can always change your purpose, there’s a lot … [Read More]

Back on Track in 2012 – Part 1

The New Year often prompts optimistic thoughts and commitments to make the year even better than the last. Yet, on New Year’s Eve, we sometimes regret the ways we intended to grow, but failed to. I recommend four simple (not easy!) ways to get started with a flourish, and keep the momentum going long past … [Read More]