The Way of the Sage

The Way of the SAGE: A Workbook for Authentic and Joyous Living

by Mary Jorgensen, MA and Rising Sun Life Coaching In this interactive resource Mary shares her expertise as an educator, life coach, and seeker of wisdom. When you begin this journey, you will be challenged to:

  • examine your life
  • better understand your authentic self
  • learn strategies for a life full of promise
  • live the life you are meant to live
SAGE Graphic

Your SAGE future begins today

Fun Interactive Dynamic Holistic approach examines the interplay of body, mind, and spirit

Take a Peak Inside Chapter 1: “S” is for Spirituality: Happiness and contentment come from within and are evident in what we project to the world

Chapter 2: “A” is for Authentic Action: Authentic responses to life's challenges awaken our sense of purpose and resilience

Chapter 3: “G” is for Gratitude: Cultivating the blessing mind of gratefulness

Chapter 4: “E” is for Enjoyment: Where the Innerself meets the Outerself, total joy is there

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