The WIN Plan to Beat the Blues

Feeling blue? Life got you down? You can choose to make your day! Try this simple plan and see what happens. It’s free, and you have nothing to lose! If you’re thinking “this will never work for me,” you’re wrong. There’s help! Email or call me and I”ll help you get started! 563-382-4558.

W is for Welcome
Welcome your day every morning when you wake up. The first thing is to SMILE! Yes, smiling, just by itself, can bring on good levels of hormones that help us feel optimistic. Welcoming is also prompted when we take a physical stance of power–head up, shoulders back, hands on hips, feet apart. Does Wonder Woman or Batman come to mind? That’s the idea! It’s hard to imagine either of those characters feeling “down”, isn’t it? You can just do this by yourself, deliberately. Practicing it every time you think of it will help you overcome the “faking it” feeling, and make it part of who you really are: optimistic, resilient, confident and caring.

View Amy Cuddy’s TED talk to learn more about how this works.

I is for Invite
Invite new renters for your brain! Yes, if you’re renting your brain space to The Blues, you’re giving them free rent. They haven’t paid you in years, only sucking up your personal space and bullying you into giving it for free. You can stop this now, by kicking them out! When you do this, you open the door to new renters: optimism, resilience, confidence and caring. These renters will pay you big time in the form of bundles of happiness. How do you give notice to The Blues? You acknowledge them, giving them the satisfaction that you’re aware of them. Then you announce your plan: to turn them around and turn your brain around. You just say, “Time’s up, guys. Out you go. I’m calling up my realtors today: gratitude, thankfulness, humor, and meditation to get some new renters right away.

N is for Now
Now is the time! Today’s the day! Don’t waste another day of feeling sluggish and down. In fact, you only have today. If yesterday makes you feel regret, kick it out. If tomorrow makes you feel anxious, give it the boot. You have today, now, and that’s all we ever really do have–just this moment. Why would you waste it? Okay, are you supposed to feel happy ALL the time? SOf course not. Everyone has times when we realize there’s a war going on inside ourselves, and we feel like hopeless losers. The point is, we don’t have to stay there, in that mired-down space. We can choose to start digging ourselves out Now, starting this moment. When we practice meditation, we’re training our brains to focus on only this moment, now. We can “grow” the brain power to do this, and realize how calm and tranquil feelings–Now.