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Work Place Coaching with Mary Jorgensen

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Mary Jorgensen
724 Day St.
Decorah, IA 52101


Rapid changes in society and the economy call for new ways of working!

Satisfied employees enhance the performance of your organization!

Through Workplace Coaching, leaders and employees improve performance levels by:

  • Helping leaders generate thriving organizations
  • Reducing conflicts and stress
  • Developing creative advantages for your organization

I am an experienced educator and presenter with a keen interest in helping workplaces realize their potential. I offer you years of experience in the workplace, my background in Educational Psychology, and a passion for empowering workplace effectiveness.


  • MA in Educational Psychology
  • Career educator at high school and college levels
  • Life Coach qualifications through The Coaches Training Institute
  • Qualified presenter of MBTI and 4MAT coaching

Workplace Topics

Leadership Development
I help leaders play a bigger game by becoming aware of their personal strengths, setting goals, and paying attention to their own lives. Being a total leader is a 21st century model for releasing creative energy and realizing one’s potential. Through personal development, leaders unleash their own inventive resources. The result is empowering for everyone in the organization!

Conflict Management
No one enjoys coming to work where conflicts hold everyone back! Resistance and low productivity result when people don’t get along. I’ve designed a system to identify strengths, learn new ways to communicate, and come to peaceful resolutions. Through discussion and role-plays, participants acquire skills that reduce the negative distractions and increase cooperation. Your organization will quickly realize the benefits!

Stress Management
Stress is prevalent in our society, but it doesn’t have to get you down! I teach how to notice the effect of stress, and practice power-boosting methods that are scientifically proven. By becoming mindful, we are able to tap into our inner resources and roll back stress. Improved health, relationships, and productivity result!

Communications Skills
We often say and write things that make perfect sense to us, only to find that others didn’t “get it” or found it offensive. By learning about different styles of communicating, we can assure that we engage with each other in ways that benefit everyone. By applying researched strategies, discussion, and role playing, we can learn how to prevent misunderstandings and curtail conflict.

Quality Customer Service
Superior service builds successful organizations. Employees who are knowledgeable and committed to quality can make all the difference. This workshop will help build confidence in communication, and build commitment to quality. Understanding the goals of the organization helps everyone understand their part in its success. Those who relate directly to customers become more dedicated, increase satisfaction, and thrive on being part of a bigger game.

Presentation Training
We’ve all attended meetings where the presenter was ineffective in delivery, content, or both. A waste of time and resources! 95 percent of communication is about style, which can be developed through exercises and practice. Powered-up presentations are the result of training in speaking and developing strategies to convey worthwhile material. In my work as a teacher-educator, I have developed methods that help presenters develop enjoyable presentations and delivery that works.